Folge 31: 10 Years After – Is DevOps Adult And Mature Enough?

In this episode my guest is a well-known DevOps expert. It is a great honour for me and I am proud to have the chance to talk about DevOps with Patrick Debois. He is known as one of the authors of the DevOps Handbook together with Gene Kim, Jez Humble and John Willis. And he created the DevOpsDays, the first DevOps Conference ever. First question is always the same and under this circumstances very special: „How would you define or describe „DevOps“? We continue to talk about the DevOpsDays which started in 2009 and the changes within the last 10 Years. Patrick accompanied DevOps for that lopng time and we are talking about his most satisfaying moment or experience with DevOps and his disappointment. This episode provide a very personal view from Patrick.

DevOpsDay weltweit
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